STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I Ain't Sorry (About These Overalls)

This year one of my goals is to live, dress and act unapologetically, so naturally what’s been on my style radar lately are looks that excite me, signify themselves as unique or challenge me to think about and look at things differently. I’ve been intentionally trying to absorb as much inspiration and advice from those who dress fearlessly, as it offers a fresh perspective and reflection of my own style choices but also helps me connect with others and understand new ways of expression.

I am inspired by this look because it is unapologetic, smart and expressive. This Fashionista is not afraid to be delicate, edgy, spirited or glamorous despite living in a small Midwestern city where fashion often carries an expectation of conventionality and conformity. I believe it was the great Beyoncé herself who once eloquently said, “I Ain’t Sorry,” and those are words we can all live by if we want to be honest and open with ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world.

By defying restrictive gender expectations and creatively combining diverse pieces of different moods, this Fashionista exudes self-awareness, self-confidence and comfort. While the playful overalls may take the spotlight of this look, the other items ground and energize it. A soft floral sweater, rosy lipstick and pastel nail polish add a touch of femininity while Italian leather boots counterbalance the softer elements with support and sleekness, and the whole look is dressed up a notch with simple, but edgy pieces of jewelry: a septum hoop, a small ring and one pink and gold earring. The result is an ensemble that that cannot be defined or restricted.

This is exactly the inspiration and artistic expression I’m so thankful to find in my small city, and such a creative look was a perfect reminder for myself to wear what I love and not limit myself for the convention of others, even if I must push the envelope. So my style advice of the week? Don’t be sorry, just be you.