Hunting for that perfect outerwear garment to take you through the fall months? I feel that the parameters for a successful score would be that: its proportions are easy to layer with, the warmth-to-bulkiness ratio is reasonable and that its cut or pattern holds a trendy characteristic (it will take up the majority of your outfit’s appearance).

I encourage turning the outerwear into a statement piece by choosing a color that complements you best or even a pattern like camo, geometric, plaid or animal print which can draw attention against a soon-to-be colorless landscape in the later stages of this season. At the University of Missouri, I think a cool black and gray tiger stripe outer garment would be a big hit. However, if you go to UC-Santa Cruz and your school mascot is Sammy the Slug or you attend Delta State University and your mascot is the Fighting Okra, you may have to sit out on the school spirited jacket.

Shearling/fleece is this season’s most talked about jacket material and when coupled with the tri-color camouflage pattern worn by this featured Fashionista, it is not hard to see why her look is killer. This particular jacket is available in-store at Cha Boutique in Columbia, Missouri or online here.  She was clever in using a staple pair of black boots and black jeans or leggings, probably already found in your closet, to provide a firm base for this look. I might add that fleece provides a fair amount of texture to this look; I find that when the accessory garments are toned down to slick or tight weaves, the fleece garment has a greater voice.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think personal style is about finding what you look and feel best in—and sticking to it! I am a big fan of pieces that are feminine and powerful, yet have simple lines and silhouettes. I always dress to impress other women instead of men. When I go out, I’ll choose something that shows a little skin in an unexpected way—black skinny jeans with a top that cuts low in the back or has a neckline that shows off my shoulders. Balance is the most important thing when it comes to looking sexy; I think many girls forget that. What I am excited to wear right now: fitted turtlenecks, mini skirts, and over the knee boots—classic fall chic with a subtle ’70s vibe.”