STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How To Get Away With A Fashion Faux Pas

Every fashion fiend has heard it at least once in their lives, “Never wear white after Labor Day.” It’s the ultimate fashion faux pas, especially in the South where it has traditionally been considered a sign of bad manners. However, in this day and age, our generation strives to be anything but traditional. Every day, designers are competing to create more cutting edge pieces that defy the status quo. If Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress to an awards show, then we have absolutely surpassed the point where traditional fashion rules and guidelines still hold relevance. The reality is that the norm is to break the rules not following them.

This Fashionista embodies how to successfully break a classic fashion faux pas. It was easy to spot her across campus because of the confidence she exuded in her trendy outfit. At first glance, it was her white blazer that drew my eye. While most college students would be weary of incorporating a blazer into their back to school wardrobe, this Fashionista displayed no reservations. The blazer coupled with ripped, high-waisted shorts and a plain, striped T-shirt gives this glam outfit a more effortless, laid back vibe for class.

Her secret to pulling off an all-white blazer is the addition of darker pieces. Because white is associated with spring or summer temperatures, the denim and darker colors make the outfit more appropriate for windy, fall temperatures. However, in a city such as Wilmington with warmer weather, students aren’t feeling as much pressure to throw out their whites just yet. In addition to the crisp, white color, I was particularly impressed by the detailing on the back of the blazer. To top off the outfit, the Fashionista added a statement necklace, a thrifted cross-body bag and her favorite pair of black booties.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, go back to the basics, overdress and add a hat and a leather jacket.”