STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Dress Your Letters

Greek life is a great way to get involved on this campus. It is a perfect way to make friends for a lifetime and to be super social around campus. Letters are one of the best ways to show how awesome Greek life is and the amazing things these organizations do on campus. You can customize letters and make different designs. Wearing your letters is a privilege, and you should be wearing them proudly. This Fashionista is in Chi Omega Fraternity at Sacred Heart University. As you can see, she wears her letters proudly.

This Fashionista wears her letters with a pair of blue jeans and brown boots. Over her letters she wears a blue and yellow sweater which match perfectly with the tank top. This is a perfect and trendy look for classes or a sisterhood event with your sorority. The sweater is a perfect way to pop the outfit and make it different and stand out. The yellow in the sweater is the perfect color for the spring and goes perfect with the jeans she is wearing. Brown boots are perfect for this time of year because it is starting to get warm, and these boots are also great for winter. Blue jeans dress the look up and make the Greek letters look sophisticated. This Fashionista looks proud.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Always wear your letters with pride. Being in a sorority is a great experience, and wearing your letters is more than just a shirt; it shows sisterhood.”