STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hong Kong Street Style

Fashion is a reflection of time and culture used to create a form of art which people can wear on a daily basis. It’s a way to express your thoughts and personality without words. Thus, we wear art and create art every morning when we get dressed to start a new day.

This Fashionisto decided to represent his home, Hong Kong, with his own modern twist. Pairing the plain black T-shirt with black taper-fitted pants and black suede brogues, he topped off his outfit with his black Chinese traditional shirt known as the Changsham. To keep the look simple but bold, he decided to stick to a single color that doesn’t go out of style—black.

The Changsham is a loose silk overcoat which is a traditional piece in the Chinese culture. Since the Florida winters aren’t so cold, the Changsham is the perfect layer for a bright and breezy day in the sunshine state while keeping it classy. The intricate gold stitches sewn onto the Changsham bring the rich cultural flair to the overall look.

Adding into the richness of the golden stitches, he accessorized his outfit with a gold necklace and a gold watch. Since his entire outfit is black, it allows the gold pieces which he is wearing to stand out, adding luxury and simplicity to the look.

Last but not least, by rolling up his taper-fitted trousers, this Fashionisto is able to give a hipster vibe while showing off his dapper suede shoes. Representing his cultural background while adding his own twist to it, this Fashionisto has definitely created a uniquely authentic work of art. Doesn’t he make you want to try out mixing your own cultural apparel yourself?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I find myself most comfortable immersed in my culture. Stay true to you and your fashion will follow.”