STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hidden Treasures in the BF's Closet

Who says that girls should not wear their boyfriend’s clothes? This is not a written rule, so why not take advantage of the clothes in their closet? Their clothes are oversized, comfortable and easy to wear. Take any of their white T-shirts, button-downs, hoodies, thermals and flannels because the possibilities are endless. All of these pieces are in style right now. So instead of going out and purchasing them, you can raid your boyfriend’s closet and steal their clothes.

This Fashionista stole her boyfriend’s flannel and put together a stylish outfit. She paired his oversized flannel with skinny jeans, riding boots, accessories and a simple gray tank top. This is a trendy, comfortable and simple outfit. The tank top shows off her small figure and the flannel can just hang off of her shoulders allowing her to show some skin if she wants to. This is a better alternative to wearing a loose tank top and a baggy flannel that could make the Fashionista look disproportional.

If these pieces are worn correctly, they can make a super cute outfit. My suggestion is to pair your boyfriend’s oversized shirt with a cute tank top, jeans and boots. You also can’t forget about the accessories! Chokers are super popular right now. They are back and everyone should embrace them! They are trendy and fun to wear with any type of outfit. My personal favorite is the grunge look with a choker included. The way this Fashionista styled hers definitely makes her stand out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This outfit only took a few minutes to put together. I wore my favorite jeans, a pair of boots and a tank top along with some accessories. I then raided my boyfriend’s closet for the flannel and threw my hair back into a hair clip. There should not be any excuses for looking unpresentable on a daily basis. Get creative and show off your style!”