STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Head Over Heels For Headbands

No matter how much of a Fashionista or Fashionisto you are, everyone has those days that you just want to put your creative side to rest for a little bit. Between working on exams and papers, finding the time to choose your outfits becomes a treat. So, what do you do on those days that you want to keep it simple? How do you remind the world that you’re a Fashionista by getting ready under 45 minutes?

This Fashionista chose to use accessories to spice up her simple look for the day. When deciding what to wear, she stuck to a simple cardigan and denim combination along with a pair of tall black boots. She accessorizes her outfit with a headband from World Market. This Fashionista reminds us that headbands aren’t just for the days that you aren’t having a great hair day. You can find headbands in all different sizes and colors. She chooses her beaded headband that adds a girly touch to her neutral outfit for the day. However, headbands don’t always have to be super girly. You can find crotched headbands, headbands with pendants and also paisley headbands.

The headband is so versatile because you can wear it with almost any type of outfit. Not only do headbands work for those days that your hair isn’t doing exactly what you want it to, they work as the perfect accessory for a Fashionista to add some pattern and style to her outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear headbands! Whether you decide to wear one because you aren’t having that great of a hair day or because you just want to make your outfit a little bit more chic, headbands just make your outfit more fun.”