STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hats Off To Warmer Weather

Summer in the city doesn’t necessarily mean bright colors and cheap flip flops. Dark colors can still make a splash in the warm summer months, if paired with the right accessories that is. This Fashionista is rocking a particularly RAD trend for the hot summer sun, the sexy yet masculine-inspired hat.

As seen on Margaret Howell’s spring/summer runway in London, the particular style of a hat is a cross between a classic style and a “rough around the edges” shape. This hat not only exhibits unique and tasteful style but is also being worn by Fashionistas around the world. This summer, women’s style on the runway has been dabbling across the line in traditional male styles, thus bringing a sexy sophisticated spin on classic pieces.

This Fashionista turned heads and dropped jaws in this killer outfit. The loose black bohemian dress is the epitome of boho-chic; the loose fit of the dress and simple detailing on the sleeves makes the outfit effortlessly adorable. The black mules add a touch of formality to the outfit but still keep it simple enough for everyday. The hat, however, is the main attraction. This Fashionista perfectly paired it with a feminine dress, making the look even more fabulous. Accessorizing with several silver rings is the ideal way to keep the look within the boho-chic world.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The trick to creating unique outfits is to keep the look as simple and effortless as possible. There is a fine line between trying too hard and looking like you’re not trying at all.”