Wearing a hat backward is a trend that is timeless. It’s no wonder why so many guys are wearing their hats this way. I absolutely love when guys wear a hat the wrong way. It can be hard for guys to accessorize. For girls, it is super easy to throw on necklaces, a ring, scarf or clutch. On the other hand, men don’t wear as much jewelry or even carry purses. It can be hard adding a personal touch on an outfit for males. One way for guys to accessorize an outfit is to add a hat. It is simple and gives an easygoing vibe. Hats are a great addition to an outfit, whether it is a flat bill, baseball cap or fedora.

Neutral colors are what makes this outfit look fresh. You could wear this to a nice lunch, class or a date. Achieving this simple and clean look is easy. With a graphic T-shirt, hat of your choice, shorts and simple sneakers, you can get the same look. This Fashionisto wore a graphic T-shirt from Express donning gray stripes. The shorts he wore are from Hurley, which is one of his favorite brands. For shoes, he opted for a pair of black Vans. He also wore a Billabong hat, backwards of course, to add his own personal touch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It can get boring wearing a hat the right way all the time. Sometimes you just need to mix it up and flip it backwards.”