May 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’ve always been told fashion comes in cycles and what at one time was in style will eventually come back into style. Fashion is about taking old trends and renewing them. Well the ‘90s are back! From overalls, skorts and jumpsuits to shirts tied around the waist, the ‘90s looks that were once so popular are making their way back into everyday fashion.

This Fashionista is sporting the ‘90s grunge trend with the shirt tied around the waist. I haven’t tied my shirt around my waist since my grade school days when I was hot and no longer wanted to wear my sweatshirt. Being too lazy to carry it, I would tie it around my waist. Who knew that was in style and would eventually come back into style? This may just be my favorite new trend though because it is so easy and can add some flare to any outfit. All you need to do is tie an old T-shirt around your waist and there you have it. No buying necessary. It can also be quite flattering if done properly. If tied high around the waist it can singe in just the right place allowing your waist to appear smaller. However, if you wear it low around your hips it can make your hips appear wider.

This Fashionista perfectly displays this trend by using a jean shirt to tie around her waist. Underneath she has a striped red dress paired with some black combat boots. She completes her grunge look by wearing a red lip and letting her long wavy hair down. She even has her hipster sunglasses ready on this sunny day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Inspiration! Look for fashion inspiration from magazines, blogs and other people and incorporate new and old trends into your style.”