There’s a song I really like called “Gray Skies Turn Blue” by Mxpx. I love a good flashback to the past, especially when something is reminiscent of a song I have once adored. The blue (majority) and gray (minority) color coordination on this Fashionisto’s outfit reminded me of this old song, part of my summer soundtrack many years ago. If you can make your fashion style bring feelings such as nostalgia to someone, then you have created a wonderful work of art!
Let’s examine this Fashionisto’s outfit. His blue plaid shirt, tan pants and Spitfire x Vans Chukka Low sneakers with red, yellow, green colored pencil like streaks on the dull, denim looking gray material with red laces is a very interesting and fun color coordination. The mix of tropical colors combined with the neutral gray and tan colored outfit and brown bracelet along with his blue patterned shirt is a winning combination. Just like the sky, or water, his shirt is a mix of lighter and darker blues. The colors represent nature, it seems. Gray, the darkest color, is at the bottom of his look. With a strong pop of bright color, his blue plaid shirt is the main standout, as the color and pattern will initially catch your eye. One might think these colors would clash, but somehow this Fashionisto made this daring outfit work, and wonderfully too. Overall, this look is a very pleasing visual for the eyes and has an optimistic vibe, as if gray skies turned blue!
What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being who you are is the most important element for building your own style. Try to always have different kinds of button-down shirts in your closet, because you never know when you will need it. Having your own style doesn’t mean the clothes you wear are expensive. Kohl’s is my favorite store since it’s cheap and has a lot of selections.”