Graphic tee’s have always been one of my favorite go-to looks. The graphic tee is a great way to add some color or funk up any look. Times and styles change but the graphic tee seems to always find its way into the line up each season being that it is so versatile.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” says Rachel Zoe. Graphic tee’s are a fun and flirty way to express to the world who you are and what you stand for. Take this Fashionista and her tiger graphic tee. The tiger print establishes an edgy style, something this Fashionista emphasized while talking about her own personal style. Being that graphic tee’s can speak about a person, I asked this Fashionista if her shirt spoke words about her. Not only does the edginess of the tiger print express this Fashionista, but the city amongst the abstract background also speaks words that she comes from a city life background. This tiger graphic tee has that ’70s look without looking like too much of a costume. Looking for that perfect graphic tee is not complicated, simply pick something that not only expresses you but that also makes you smile!

Is an edgy graphic tee not your style? Try this sporty adidas graphic tee! Still not sold? Try a flirty Wildfox graphic tee like this “My Boyfriend’s The Quarterback,” tee. From edgy, to sporty, to flirty the graphic tee can certainly help to express it all.

Graphic tee’s are fun, flirty and young. Though I love and seem to always rock a classic look, remember we are not young forever! Don’t be afraid to trade in that classic button down look for a fun graphic tee that expresses you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “ I tend to look for detail, the style, the fabric and the way it fits. I like a tight fit but with a softer thicker fabric.“