If you’re like me you have a special section in your closet set aside for graphic T-shirts. My collection includes band shirts, movie characters, quotes and just plain interesting designs. Graphic T-shirts are a fantastic item to have hanging in your closet. They’re incredibly versatile and can really help you express your personality through style. Graphic T-shirts are a piece loved by celebrities and style icons alike. Whether they pair them with a boyfriend-cut jean and sneakers or dress them up with a patterned skirt and heels. These T-shirts never go out of style and finding a look you like can be easy and inexpensive.

Along with that, the majority of the clothes hanging in my closet are black, of course. Whenever I see a cute style I’m automatically asking, “Do you have this in black?” I mean, it matches everything. What more could you ask for? Mixing graphics and a base color (like black) is the perfect way to take a monochrome ensemble and give it a pop of color.

This Madonna concert T-shirt is such a great graphic. Both the red and white colors make the rest of the outfit pop. You can tell that the outfit was built around this piece and done in the perfect way. This Fashionistos distressed black jeans give the outfit a bit of edge while he remains comfortable and chic. His black boots are the perfect choice for fall footwear and compliment the other aspects of his outfit. Whether he keeps his bomber jacket on all day or not, the outfit is still complete. Choosing a lighter/shorter jacket is perfect for the fall season. He’ll stay at a comfortable temperature while looking great!

Fun fact: This Fashionisto actually saw Madonna in concert! Can you imagine? Talk about talking this look to a whole other level.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try something different! Play up that T-shirt you got from a concert. It will act as a great focal against a neutral palette.”