It’s always been said, “Out with the old, and in with the new,” but this time around, it’s all about being in with the old. The “grandpa sweater” and classic textures like velvet have been making a comeback. Rather than go for a futuristic look, this Fashionista went for a unique look using classic pieces and textures such as her knit cardigan and velvet leggings.

Although her cardigan has a unique and intricate pattern, what keeps it from becoming too outrageous is the muted colors. That being said, the colors used aren’t bland neutrals, but rather they are a toned down warm color palette. Her cardigan is a hidden gem that you can really only find hiding in the corners of the thrift store. Another unique element of her cardigan is the texture. Rather than be a thin piece of fabric, her intricately patterned cardigan is made of thick knit material that will definitely will keep you warm as the warm summer nights that we have come to grow accustomed to start to come to an end.

In order to keep her outfit looking updated and fresh, this Fashionista wore a velvet crop top. However, her crop top is unique in that it is velvet. Her velvet crop top and leggings are a great contrast to her thick knit sweater. By wearing velvet, she pays homage to an era that our grandparents lived in, while still keeping it updated and fresh. Her modern take on a classic fabric is a great way to add a vintage twist to any outfit without looking outdated.

While she keeps her color palette warm and toned down, this Fashionista added a bright pop of color with her blue lace-up shoes. Even though she has a lot of textures and pieces going on in her outfit, her blue shoes don’t look out of place. Instead, they add yet another layer to a very unique outfit.

In addition to her shoes, she accessorizes with an eccentric mix of jewelry that goes together to create an outfit that reflects this Fashionista’s personality. Ranging from her fly earrings to the friendship bracelets on her wrists to her funky rings, none of the jewelry necessarily matches. Instead, it all comes together to complement an interesting outfit that really makes her stand out as an individual. Whenever you are having trouble thinking of what to wear, try and think outside of the box like this Fashionista, and channel the fashion of your grandparents or even your parents to create look that is fit just for you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whenever I’m not sure of what to wear, I try and think of what my parents or grandparents would wear and draw inspiration from there. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and play with different textures, silhouettes and accessories!”