Looking good can make you feel better. If you don’t believe me, buy yourself an entirely new outfit fresh from the retail rack, and then deny me. I find it hard to believe that retail therapy isn’t actually a thing. Regardless, when you take time to dress the way you feel, other people are sure to recognize your personality. This Fashionisto found it easy to sport that attitude even during Spring Break when everyone else turned to swim trunks and muscle T-shirts.

Walking in the footsteps of well dressed men in the fashion world, like Jared Leto and John Legend, inspired this Fashionisto to rock a suit from Express for Men. The silhouette and fabric were perfect for the environment. A suit like this is perfect for school because it’s not too formal. Keeping the classic look, he wore a purple gingham button-down from J.Crew. He made sure to capture the masculinity in his outfit. The silhouette of his suit was very sharp, and the watch he wore only added to that. A watch can instantly add more personality to any outfit, which applies to Fashionistas as well.

Coming to class prepared is something this Fashionisto takes seriously, so it was essential to bring his glasses. Glasses are known to add a little more intelligence to people’s look. This Fashionisto wouldn’t object to being told he looked like he just walked out of an ALDO advertisement. To finish the look, he opted for a pair of dress shoes. Talk about a sharp fellow! Even when wearing more serious outfits, guys can have a little fun with their socks. These Ralph Lauren socks are equivalent to a Fashionista’s stud earrings. They’re not flashy but just noticeable enough to receive compliments on them.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I strive for the GQ style. Think of creative ways to coordinate different colors together while still matching. Whatever you’re inspired by, do it in your own way.”