Graphic T-shirts are one of those pieces that will never go out of style. They provide instant interest to an outfit and seem to be the perfect top to just throw on during an “I have nothing to wear” day. They’re casual and cool, and they provide a sort of effortless style that many outfits lack. Because of this, graphic T-shirts are a great piece to wear year-round!

I found this Fashionisto donning a cool blue graphic T-shirt recently and knew I had to write about his look. I love how he paired the graphic T-shirt with preppy khaki shorts instead of a more casual pair of jeans. By substituting the khaki shorts for denim, this Fashionisto gave his look a classy prep meets carefree contrast that I love. The combination of the easy graphic T-shirt and the preppy shorts seems effortless and composed. He completed his put together look with white slip-on shoes, adding black socks as a final detail piece.

This Fashionisto knew what he was doing with two pieces that apart, seem to contrast each other. He made the graphic T-shirt and khaki shorts pair well together by matching the shorts with the accent color in the shirt. The clean khaki shade of the shorts not only pairs well with the color in the shirt, but also allows the graphic top to be the standout piece in the outfit. By not overdoing it with many different colors and patterns, this Fashionisto allowed his T-shirt to be the focus of his look. While the pairing provides cool variety to his look, it also is functional in that it makes the three-quarter sleeve shirt more summer appropriate.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t have to go overboard on different designer logos to have a well put together look.”