STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Going From Winter Drab To Spring Fab

After dealing with one of the coldest winters ever, the weather experts are finally saying that this week should be the end of the winter-like storms. Let’s hope they are right! Most of us have not been able to step into our cute, fun springtime fashions, but we know it is just around the corner. This Fashionista found ways to put spring elements into her winter wear, and just like the flowers in the ground, spring is subtly pushing through.

I think every Fashionista can agree that with frigid temperatures and snow on the ground, there’s not much we can do with bright colors or spring-length hemlines. I actually avoid buying winter clothes because I find them dull and somewhat depressing. Choosing outfits and deciding on the perfect accessories for spring, summer and fall are so much more enjoyable because sharper colors come into play and lift the spirits. Take a look at this Fashionista because she did something that we should all do. Despite the many layers and winter weather, she pulled in color and touches of spring. Start with the light colored peacoat, beige sweater and socks. She could have chosen darker colors, but made the obvious choice to keep things lighter. She fully accentuated this with a light purple scarf and red nails. Without these bright touches, this outfit would have been very drab.

This Fashionista showed us that cold weather doesn’t need to get in the way of choosing accessories and colors that warm up even the coldest days. If you are worried that the color you are thinking about rocking is too bold, simply tone it down with a more pastel or washed-out hue. As the last cold front comes through, try incorporating spring, bold colors into a winter outfit, and begin to imagine yourself on the way to spring break!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pop of colors! I’ve always lived in cold weather, so one way to cope has definitely been to always have a colored scarf or a fun nail color to help me get through until spring rolls around.”