We all have goals. For some that’s when they step out the door into the world and want to feel beautiful. Feeling beautiful is when one can express themselves and feel they are getting positive feedback. Sometimes, girly girls achieve that when wearing pink. This blonde however feels most beautiful while representing her patriotic pride for her country in this #OOTD (outfit of the day). She makes herself stand out by wearing red, white and blue in a grunge fashion. This outfit represents a time period that most college students were born in, which makes it kind of special for peers to see on campus.

So what makes this Fashionista so grunge-pretty? It is the whole ensemble of go-to pieces for girls on campuses throughout the East coast. The cropped sweatshirt by LA Hearts with a flannel wrapped around the waistline topped with some PacSun boyfriend jeans are all very baggy items. However, it is this effortless look that is very flattering on her. Especially with those crisp white Converse sneakers to give a little sport to her grunge.

It is all about the way clothes fit on a person. For instance, this Fashionista created a combination that definitely shapes her body well enough in a way that elongates her legs! Her mini pony hairdo is Ariana Grande inspired. Though, this girl has some deeper spirit to her. The accessories are a pair of oversized sunglasses, gold chokers featuring the sun charm and the trendy mini tattoo of her horoscope sign, Pisces. She says her choices reveal apart of who she is.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Embrace fall and use this time in the beginning of the school year to create themes to your daily look.”