November 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Dressing functionally, yet fashionably undeniably challenges Fashionistas with a tricky task, especially when dressing for the Vermont weather us at University of Vermont are dreading with winter rolling around the corner. Vermont weather throws us into an entire different ball game, because not only does the state turn into a frozen tundra, the weather unexpectedly changes throughout the day, making it difficult to dress each morning (Thank goodness for layers). Any UVM student can agree that the state suffers from bipolar disorder.

Although we may be used to the negative degrees and never-ending snow flurries, students hit a breaking point where they give up and give into the winter blues (which really starts in October). Students slip into a lifeless funk where nothing besides beat-up Uggs, frumpy sweats, and heavy down parkas sounds appealing. The goal to survive a day on campus relies on warmth and comfort to slush through the snow. Northern college campus weather may bring you down emotionally and physically, but don’t let it bring you down fashionably.

This UVM Fashionista never sacrifices fashion for function, always finding a way to add her unique, personal touch which this outfit portrays as funky, edgy and warm. On this day, Vermont weather could not make up its mind whether it wanted to rain or shine. Luckily, the Fashionista prepared herself with cozy layers from Topshop and topped off her look with a wool statement coat from Urban Outfitters. To add another level of spice, she grabbed her Rebecca Minkoff woven, skull tote, which plays up the outfit by mixing texture and pattern while balancing the perfect amount of edge. This Fashionista successfully proves that comfort colors do not have to drain an outfit, but can make an upbeat statement even on a dreary day.

Don’t let the winter blues put you in a funk. Use the weather as an opportunity to experiment with layers and fun patterns!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? The gloomy Vermont weather makes it easy to throw on an outfit equally as gloomy. Instead, spice up your outfit with colorful and patterned coats. Funky outerwear vamps up style and attitude.