If there’s one thing that I love about summer, it is how everyone acts as if they are on vacation, from how they live to how they dress. Plaid button-downs have always been and always will be the unofficial unisex uniform of summer, simply because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Though the hot rays are finally beating down, and work days seem to become shorter as the days go on, this Fashionista is definitely not taking a vacation from style.

Plaid button-downs aren’t just a man’s staple item anymore. With the right accessories a plaid top can evoke femininity, strength or just plain RAD style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern mixing and diversified silhouettes! You may find yourself looking better than ever!

From a day in the office to date night, this plaid number puts in the work to show off the glamorous side of dressing down. This stylish Fashionista takes cues from Olivia Palermo, the innovator of the art of casual dress up. By tucking the button-down into an A-line skirt, this Fashionista has defined her figure while also adding an air of glamour to the outfit as a whole. She continues to perfect this casual yet simultaneously dressed up look by adding braided sandals in white, a color that is also featured in the plaid pattern of her top. The Fashionista tops it off with gold geometric rings and a collar necklace, which only adds to the look without detracting the eye from the entirety of the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be true to your own style, and remember less is more!”