Shoes are an essential part of completing every outfit. Choosing what shoes you are going to wear is usually the last step you complete while getting ready. This important accessory can tie your entire look together. What made this Fashionista stand out to me were her gladiator sandals. Gladiator sandals have become a huge fashion trend in the past few years. They started out only going up to the ankle and now go as high as the knee. The Egyptian style shoe, gave this Fashionista’s outfit a cool and different look, making her stand out around campus.

Many times it can be difficult to figure out what to wear with these sandals because they are such a big statement in themselves. This Fashionista began with a floral sundress. The colors of the floral pattern are perfect for spring and balance great with the cognac color of the sandals. On top of the dress, she chose to wear a lightweight army green vest. The color of the vest is also in her sundress, which ties the two pieces together. By adding the vest, this Fashionista gave her look dimension making her overall look more interesting. Layering is always a great way to make your outfit different!

To finish off her look, she added a cute pair of sunglasses, a gold watch and a pair of hoop earrings. By wearing only simple accessories, she doesn’t distract away from the main focus of her outfit, the gladiator sandals, keeping a nice balance. Gladiators are a new way to change up your spring/summer wardrobe and recreate old looks. Overall, these sandals are a new and trendy way to switch up your shoes for this season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I didn’t think I could pull off wearing gladiator sandals, but once I wore them, I loved them. Keep your outfit simple so the sandals can be the main focus.”