April 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

The time has come to pack away our chunky sweaters and leave our winter boots behind. Spring has arrived in all of its glory and it’s time to explore what the fashion world has in store for this season’s trends. Just like the warmth and sunshine, ’70s-inspired trends are making a major comeback this season.

I caught up with this Fashionista who was enjoying the rising temperatures while remaining totally cool in her groovy ensemble. Our Fashionista rocked the styles of the decade with a pair of flared pants with a zig-zag pattern and floral design. The material of the pants is thin enough to not retain heat on a warm day and gives this Fashionista a ’70s vibe. The twisted white top with a plunging neckline allows our Fashionista to remain cool and go with the flow.

To further add to her vintage look, this Fashionista rocks a pair of round sunglasses. She complements the white in her blouse and adds a touch of gold to her outfit by adding a dangling chain necklace. In order to stand tall and confident, she wears a pair of tan wedges with a strap. Because this Fashionista leaves no detail missed, she finishes her look with a curl to her hair that makes her look totally groovy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My wardrobe in the winter is 90 percent black, but this spring I am inspired by the fun color patterns of the ’70s. Try to explore fashion that incorporates bright colors and fun designs and don’t be afraid to steal some ideas from other decades.”


  • Miranda Logan

    Hello lovely people! My name is Miranda and I am a Marketing and Public Relations major who always seems to be juggling a thousand things at once. While I am currently in Baltimore, I plan on living in every city I can and experiencing the unique fashion and culture that exists in every one. After I conquer the concrete jungles of the United States, I hope to go oversees and explore some more. You can usually find me with my friends on campus during the day or by myself doing homework at 3am. I enjoy being busy and whenever I have a moment to myself, I am thinking of the next thing on my list to accomplish. I have some pretty big goals, but luckily I refuse to accept defeat. Whether it be working on my dream job in a city or watching an entire season of a show on Netflix, once I set my mind on something it will get done. I have trouble defining my exact style, because I like to incorporate several into my daily looks. One day I may be wearing a leather jacket and combat boots and the next I could be wearing a floral dress with tan wedges. Being able to have fun with my fashion and not defining myself into one style category, is how I live every aspect of my life. I can be reserved or the loudest person in the room. I can adventurous or more laid back. I can be serious or I can be a complete weirdo. My personality can vary every day and so does my style, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?