We have seen vests on trend for a few years now. I personally hope that they are here to stay as a staple for a while. They are the perfect layering piece to an outfit. Vest seem to have the perfect ability to pull together an outfit without effort while not to mention adding warmth which is important in the winter in Iowa. Specifically fur vests have been seen within the past few years more and more. They are perfect look for holidays, not to mention extra warm and cozy looking.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is her burgundy fur, it is not your typical natural fur looking vest. The color adds uniqueness to the look. It adds a little pop of color to the look. I have been obsessed with this color the past two seasons. I love the idea of a fur in this burgundy color for this holiday season. It is not your typical red while still being in the same family and still has a classy shimmery look too.

So how do you wear this trendy vest? This Fashionista does this well. By her simple black leggings and shirt, the burgundy fur vest remains the main focus of the outfit. She adds a few layered jewelry pieces, throws on a pair of casual boots and is ready to go for this laid back boho look. It can also be paired with a long sleeve T-shirt dress, jeans or with leggings like this Fashionista. My favorite aspect is that it can be worn many ways versatility.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For the holiday season I am always looking for something to wear that is mainly comfortable while cute, throwing a vest over leggings is a good way to achieve this.”