The college uniform is black leggings and a T-shirt. When you are waking up for an 8 am or are simply having a lazy day, an outfit that requires thinking is out of the question. Leggings have become immensely popular because they represent the mindset of any collegiate. They are comfortable, they are transitional and they closely resemble the beloved sweatpant. And, let’s be honest, if we could wear sweatpants to class without being judged, wouldn’t we? As someone aspiring to work in the fashion industry while living the life of a college student, the struggle between comfort and style is real. This Fashionista gives an example of a perfect balance.

The key is to inject personality. It is one thing to be comfortable, and it is another to be sloppy. Putting a little bit of “you” in an outfit takes something that was originally an article of clothing and puts a story behind it.

Just glancing at this Fashionista, you can describe her style in one word—preppy. She utilizes key pieces to create a personal style, such as the sporty white cardigan and the floral leggings. These pieces are often seen in the classic 8 am look we all know so well. However, this Fashionista took it a step further by taking key elements and making them her own. This Fashionista transformed the traditional black yoga pant every girl depends on for her 8 am by choosing a floral pattern instead. The pattern immediately added a theme to her look. She paired the legging with a simple black T-shirt. This is smart since the legging is the statement piece. To top it off she layered the look with a white and maroon cardigan. The maroon color is a perfect match to the legging, adding cohesiveness to the look. The cardigan also served as the final layer to the look. Often, looks with leggings can appear unfinished. Since leggings are not pants, anything paired with them can look similar to a T-shirt and sweatpants. Pairing the look with a preppy cardigan added the formality a look like this needs.

There is something to be said about putting your own stamp on the classics. It goes back to the idea of not being a follower, but a self-starter. Just because everyone else wears leggings does not mean you have to. Try something new with the trend—put your own spin on it like this Fashionista, and who knows? Maybe you will be starting a trend of your own!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion is not about being ‘best dressed,’ but being ‘best expressed.'”