Layering season is in full swing and this Fashionisto has it down to a tee. His spin on the classic menswear look of a sweater and khakis has fall vibes written all over it. The most notable aspect of this outfit is the balance between the tailored military styled jacket and the warmth of the fur detail on his sweater. The gray on gray keeps this Fashionisto’s look sleek, while creating the perfect canvas for the faux fur to pop. If you don’t want to commit to fur all day, try a military styled jacket with a fur-accented collar. This is an easy way to incorporate the RAD faux fur trend into your look without having to make it the focal point.

Our Fashionisto continues to streamline the classic look by choosing a more modern cut khaki pant. Juxtaposed with the dark color scheme, his crisp, white sneakers brighten up the outfit. Sneakers are a trendy accessory that can change the look of any ensemble. Not only are they comfy-cute, but sneakers can make an outfit more casual or more practical.

When it comes to menswear, accessories should never be over looked. This Fashionisto sticks to a timeless, chunky watch to polish off his outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of wearing something loud and flashy as long as you balance it out with neutral pieces. For men, especially, monochrome is super in style. With accessories, sometimes less is more: one statement piece is plenty to tie an outfit together.”