Depending on where you live, fall weather is either approaching or has already knocked on your door. Living in the Midwest, we have to transition from our summer outfits as fast as the leaves change. Growing up, the idea of my mom dressing me in multiple layers meant suiting up in bulky layers that made me look and feel like a marshmallow. Now, however, layering is a trend that helps transition any outfit into a more fall state of mind.

While it sounds easy enough, layering can go from a balanced look to a jumbled mess, even with the best intentions. When thinking of this trend, my mind always goes to the 1970s, where women dared to layer with different prints and textures; Jackie Burkhart’s outfits from That 70s Show always mixed playful patterns with retro-inspired accessories. Though not all of the clothing from that decade is on-trend, the principle of layers still holds true today.

What is the trick to layering? Simple enough—don’t overthink your choices. This Fashionista’s look does just that. A simple chunky knit could easily go with a pair of leggings; instead she opted for a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to play up texture between the two pieces. Pairing the two pieces together helps this Fashionista transition into fall while looking sharp. The long, draping necklace in her outfit helps bring yet another easy layer to her ensemble. Finally, her suede booties are the epitome of fall. Steve Madden and Sam Edelman’s line of fall shoes offer a variety of booties for every Fashionista.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Although fall seems to be coming up quickly and you have the feeling like you just want to switch to all your fall clothes, this time should be used to mix and match things from warmer and colder weather while you still have the chance!”