STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Follow the Pattern

It may be March, but students are wrapped in their parkas and scarves now more than ever. With below zero temperatures, people barely lift their heads as they’re walking, let alone spend precious time outside of their warm beds, struggling to pick out an outfit in the morning. In these cold months when students tend to lag behind in their fashion game, patterned coats are the ultimate game changers.

Patterned coats have been spotted all around campus on a handful of adventurous Fashionistas. Though not too many dare to try out this trend, the ones that do are totally rewarded. Most students opt for simple black, so patterned coats really take the spotlight. Small patterns work best because they don’t overwhelm or look too dressy for a day of classes. Patterned coats are such an easy way to spice up a boring winter ensemble. The pattern makes it appear as though the entire outfit is perfectly put together, yet the what to wear process was most likely effortless.

This Fashionista wowed the campus catwalk in a trendy black and white checkered jacket. It is such a standout piece that it only requires a few other simple pieces. To play up the black in the jacket, she opted for black skinny jeans and plain black ankle boots.

Next, she chose a light purple scarf for a little pop of understated color. The soft purple blends nicely with the white hints in the jacket but still provides enough contrast from it. The draping of the scarf also adds a bit of shape and movement to the streamlined jacket. Contrasting textures between the scarf and the jacket add some liveliness to the winter look.

With this one statement piece, this Fashionista managed to stay both warm and chic. Plus, it probably only took her two minutes to piece this outfit together! She looks like she’s ready to take a walk along the Seine, not hike up to class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear layers and bundle up. Try a big cozy scarf to protect your face from the wind!”