Attention all Fashionistas, who are as obsessed with flowers as I am: this article is all about how you can deck yourself head to toe in those beautiful and fantastically smelling things! Let’s be clear, I definitely don’t mean real flowers, but you can still get the same gorgeous effect from this Fashionista’s springtime outfit.

Her dress is straight up gorgeous. It’s such a classy and trendy piece that demands the attention of everyone around. The print is fabulous and gives the wearer the ability to mix and match so many accessories with it. The neckline is the perfect amount of plunge that says “I’m totally fun and super trendy without being too showy,” and the wide bell sleeves give the look a boho vibe that gives this dress the option of being a casual piece as well.

Her floral accessories are both beautiful and they don’t distract at all from the print on the dress, they add to it perfectly. The headband and bracelet show that you can add specific items from a pattern and it will all flow together very elegantly. The trick is to stay small in size and similar in color. The headbands flowers are rather tiny compared to the print of the dress, and are a perfect color to match. The bracelet’s flowers are smaller than the pattern as well, and the golden color is a wonderful touch because it keeps everything in the warmer color range.

The necklace, shoes, and purse all add on to the many colors incorporated in the pattern of the dress, and add their own flare of style. The necklace helps trail the eye down the dress and onto the outfit as a whole. The bag is still large enough to carry all the necessities (lipstick, blotting sheets, wallet, etc.) while still being mature and trendy at the same time. It looks like it’s a purse for a stylish college girl and not a mom who has to haul kids’ essentials around with her. The shoes are extremely in season, and one of the top trends I see right now. The lace-up heel is a hot item to invest in, and I don’t see it fading away anytime soon.

This outfit is the perfect combination of boho, chic, and elegance. I hope you can get as much inspiration for this spring as I did!