Everyone is looking for ways to incorporate the latest trends into their spring wardrobe. But, let’s be real! Sometimes the classic pieces can also be the trendiest. Right now, I’m obsessed with floral and I’ve been seeing it pop up on accessories everywhere. It’s a time honored pattern that you can find thrifting or right off the runway.

This floral scarf can give any basic outfit a pop of color. Some floral patterns can make an outfit gaudy and distracting. I love this specific pattern because it’s big and sticks to a few colors. The scarf is paired with a light wash denim button-up and a black puffer vest. Denim and floral are both classics that always seem to complement each other. Pairing them is almost always a good idea.

This classic look flows from head to toe, literally. The chestnut riding boots are a staple to this look as they draw your eyes back to the neutral tones in the floral scarf. Nonetheless, they add a unique flair to the ensemble. In addition, the boots complement the gold jewelry. The watch and bracelets help to give the look a little extra sparkle. The long bar necklace is a subtle effort to tie everything together. I love that she stuck to the gold and brown toned accessories throughout the outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If I’m looking for a way to add a little more to my outfit, I always go for a scarf. It’s an easy way to dress stuff up a bit and doesn’t take a lot of effort.”