STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Floral, Fall, Fierce

A huge trend this summer was floral pattern. This Fashionista is ready to keep floral in the now and rock it all fall too!

Floral patterns is one of the most versatile patterns there is because of all the types of floral print and colors. This Fashionista was spot on with her floral blouse, especially the detailed tie in the front. Pairing them with a solid color makes the blouse really stand out more. Choosing a high-waisted, red skinny jean makes this look fierce! It also brings out the red flowers, beautifully.

The accessories this Fashionista pulled together really brings this whole look together. For starters, short, black boots. Because duh, it’s boot season. Once fall hits, I mainly see boots everywhere on campus until that next spring. It is absolutely wonderful! This Fashionista chose a perfect length to really show off the whole skinny jean. She also has a statement necklace that looks great with the shape of her blouse.

Now, the make up! Her make up could not go any better with this get up. She has a nice red tone lipstick to match her red theme, with very neutral but fierce looking eyes. The statement her make up makes is just as spot on as her whole outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If there is a print you absolutely adore but think it’s too summery for the fall. Pair it with more neutral fall colors or accessories and rock the heck out of it!”