STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Floral and Denim Do’s

Floral and denim seem to be the go-to these days, you can never really go wrong with this type of trend. This style works for both men and women, as you can see on this Fashionisto above with his floral T-shirt and denim jeans. A type of outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down, add some accessories or nothing if you’re feeling lazy and you’re still good to go.

One way of dressing up this style is adding accessories, as this Fashionisto does. He added black boots, sunglasses and some jewelry to complete the look. If a woman wanted to wear a similar style, she could wear a floral button-down shirt tucked into denim jeans or even a denim skirt with cute shoes to complete the look and accessories that would match. To dress this trend down you can even wear some cool sweat pants instead of jeans with sneakers. The other day my coworker happened to actually be wearing a denim shirt and jeans but he also had a floral tie, and that tie basically made the outfit; without it the outfit would’ve been nothing. This type of trend can be a go to type of outfit when you don’t know what to wear or any floral patterns can tie countless different outfits together.

Furthermore, this is the perfect type of outfit for school, work or leisure. If you want to be creative and have fun. dress it up with cool shoes and maybe even a hat. The style is very casual but also gives a dressed up, preppy fresh feeling to the whole look.