June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

As Midwestern residents, we become accustomed to wearing thick, warm sweaters accessorized with scarves, beanies and gloves for approximately seven months out of the year. While I am a die hard fan of fall and winter dressing, it is incredibly liberating to be able to shed the layers and walk outside wearing a dress and open toe shoes (without getting frostbite).

The weeks leading up to summer vacation, we Midwestern Fashionistas/os are ecstatic to trade in our heavy fabrics for lighter, breezier outfits. A few of the most common ways to transition your outfit to be more appropriate for spring is to mix pastels, floral patterns and (gasp!) to expose your skin to the sunlight for what may be the first time in months.

Luckily, I spotted this Fashionista while purchasing my morning coffee at the local café during finals week. Her outfit proves to be a refreshing break from a typical floral pattern. Even though she was just stopping for coffee before running some errands, she looked put together and ready to take on her day.

The darker background color behind the floral pattern gives her short sleeve dress an edgier vibe. This is perfect for someone looking to incorporate florals into their wardrobe without being overly girly, as some floral patterns tend to come across as just that. I especially love this Fashionista’s attention to detail in her accessories. While minimal, her bangles, rings and camel-toned booties provide structure to her loose dress. As this Fashionista proves, breezy dresses can be an incredibly easy way to transition your wardrobe into spring while also being weather appropriate for the muggy, humid Midwest summers. This Fashionista was also ready with a cream cardigan for when the unpredictable weather hit. This added emphasis to her outfit and made the dress pop.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I typically bring extra cardigans in my backpack for when it starts to get chilly. I went with a cream color for this outfit to offset the dark colors on my floral dress.”