Fall is always a bittersweet season for many. It means back to school and losing your tan from the lazy days at the beach. With school finally back in full swing, many Fashionistas have to transition from shorts to jeans and swap their cute tank tops for long sleeves.

Personally, I enjoy embracing the crisp weather of fall with all sorts of different pieces of clothing: sweaters, leggings (what girl doesn’t love her trusty pair?), flannels, jeans and so much more! A flannel is possibly one of my favorite articles of clothing because no two are the same! Not only that, but they can be worn during any season and are the perfect layering piece.

This Fashionista opted for the classic black and white checked flannel. Usually, someone would wear a just a black or white shirt underneath this flannel, but today our Fashionista went with the perfect fall color, a burgundy V-neck. I loved how her layered gold necklace went with her shirt and added the perfect pop of metallic to this outfit. To go along with this easy fall outfit are a pair of combat boots and ripped-at-the-knee skinny jeans. This outfit can be dressed up for a quick transition from class to going out or down for those morning when you roll out of bed 10 minutes before your classes start.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Flannels are so easy to just throw on really quick along with a comfy pair of jeans and I’ll be comfortable all day in class without much more effort than putting on a pair of sweats.”