A trend that has recently captured my attention is the incorporation of a micro-pattern. Upon first glance, this subtle detail might not be noticed, yet it gives your outfit a boost of personality and definition. I absolutely love how this Fashionisto paired a fitted button-down with colored pants for a look that is appropriate for daytime activities and evening festivities. If you are in need of an outfit inspiration that balances the right amount of casual and dressy, try recreating this Fashionisto’s look.

The dotted micro-pattern featured on the cuffs and in the interior of the collar reminds me of a trend featured on the Gucci spring 2016 menswear runway show where many detailed designs stole the spotlight. Instead of wearing a white oxford button-down or fitted windowpane shirt that usually is associated for a typical day in the office, this Fashionisto redefines tradition by introducing a new and inventive way to wear such a classic style. Pairing the micro-patterned button-down shirt with red chino jogger pants creates a complementary contrast and a burst of color to the overall outfit. The crisp white Converse All-Stars give a casual vibe to the look and even adds a street style edge.

This particular look is not only for trend-setting Fashionistos; it can also be replicated by Fashionistas who are aiming for a preppy style with an eccentric edge. If I were to replicate this on-trend style, I would start with a few key pieces. First, select a portofino shirt that has a defined pattern to it. Make sure to have fun choosing your pattern because it is all about incorporating creativity while aiming for a detailed and bold look. Second, I would wear a solid A-line mini skirt with the printed top. For a vintage flare, replace your wedges with a snazzy pair of oxfords. Just as this Fashionisto incorporates a sophisticated watch to add a professional and classy dimension, I would follow his lead and use a simple watch to complete my look.

Remember that patterns can often times distract form other components of the outfit. To ensure that your patterned button-down does not overpower the rest of your RAD look, choose a detailed pattern that complements the rest of your fabulous outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always dress like it’s picture day.”