We’ve all walked past that section of the store featuring the “basic” items. Most of these sections feature neutral/solid-colored pants, tank tops, T-shirts and cardigans. I’m sure the lot of you immediately rush past this section assuming you’re really just not that basic (pun intended). YOU ARE ALL MAKING A MISTAKE!

This Fashionista does an amazing job at combining these basic items into a clean, chic and classy outfit. Although her shirt and pants have little to no pattern, they do contain texture. In my opinion, textures in your fabrics are the key to setting the tone of your outfit. For example, the flowy modal material in her taupe shirt gives off a comfortable yet composed vibe, while her white distressed denim juxtaposes with an edgy flare. If going pattern-free really just terrifies you, take this Fashionista’s advice and “bring in your patterns in your accessories” i.e. the leopard flats and the printed bangles!

Speaking of accessories, they work wonders in this outfit. The bangles use the same metals and beads found in her earrings and necklaces, truly tying everything together. I love the way this Fashionista layers her rings, bangles and necklaces. The layering creates a very careless yet composed appearance, stealing from a very boho-chic style.

One great thing about Kentucky is the seasons are very defined. This look is great for transitioning from winter to spring. If it’s a little breezy, try swapping for a long-sleeved shirt or even throwing on a light cardigan! Always remember, sunny or rainy, winter or spring, your smile and confidence should always be shining.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t dress to impress anyone but yourself. When in doubt, dress up a basic look with some accessories.”