Who says flannels are only for the fall? Flannels are the perfect thing to wear no matter the season. Shockingly enough, flannel can be perfect even during the summer. Not all summer days are filled with sunshine, so flannels are perfect to slip on and off over any outfit to keep up with the changing weather. Wearing flannel made from a light fabric is a simple secret to keep wearing comfy flannels look all year around.

This Fashionista shows that the flannel look can be added to just about any outfit. Keeping her flannel the focus of her outfit makes the color stand out against her simple black and white ensemble. This flannel has red, white and blue which is not only super cute but also perfect for any patriotic occasion. By pairing this flannel with a white shirt, it really brings out the white plaid pattern. Bringing out the lightest color in the flannel gives it a more summer feel, rather then pairing it with a darker color. Not only does this shirt bring out the white in the flannel, but it also features a unique neckline with flowers, making it stand out more than a plain white T-shirt. This shirt would look great even if it got too hot and you tied the flannel around your waist. Keeping the rest of her outfit simple this Fashionista adds black shorts and shoes. To finish off her comfy outfit, this Fashionista adds minimal accessories to complete her flannel summer look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would say that my style advice of the week is to find what you personally think is comfortable and just wear that, rather then what is ‘trendy’ at the time.”