Summer fashion isn’t just a girl thing; it’s exciting for the guys too. Button-down shirts and above-the-knee shorts are very trendy for males this summer. My favorite male trend of the moment is wearing a casual sneaker with a unique pattern or color scheme. I think it really gives an outfit that extra pop that guys are comfortable wearing on any average day, and this Fashionisto did just that.

This isn’t just your Average Joe, however. I won’t reveal his name, but this is my brother, and I am proud to say he is turning into a little Fashionisto right before my eyes. Style must run in the family. I was so impressed with his choice of outfit that I had to include it on CollegeFashionista. His evolved style is impressive compared to the T-shirts and basketball shorts I have become so accustomed to seeing him in. I just wanted to boast a little about how far he has come. The powder blue Sperry shoes he is wearing are, what I think, really what make this outfit. I also like how he kept it simple with the color palette. The blue shirt and blue shoes made the outfit unique but not too loud.

It was raining during this fashion moment, but even on a gloomy day, the clothes you wear can bring in some light. Everyday won’t be sunny and dry, but there is no reason your outfit has to be as dreary as the sky.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Beauty comes from within, so feel it.”