Hats are an all-around seasonal accessory, whether it be an oversized, floppy hat in the summer, or a loose fit beanie in the winter. But there’s one headpiece that can be pulled off in any weather: the fedora. When I saw this Fashionisto rocking one, I couldn’t help but notice how it tied everything together, and added just the right amount of swagger to make him really stand out.

When thinking of ways to complete an outfit, accessories are key. Bracelets, earrings and scarfs—the possibilities are endless. Any type of stylish headwear pieces can totally alter a look from casual to chic. Fedoras trend from the runway to celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Brad Pitt. The beauty of this headpiece is that it can be altered to fit any look you’re going for. It complements a loose V-neck and ripped jeans, or something more sophisticated like a maxi dress or a suit. Whether casual, chic or preppy, the fedora never needs to be dusted off.

So how can one pull off such a broad accessory? Check out this Fashionisto’s look for just one of several ways. A sweater layered with a button-down underneath, paired with khakis, boat shoes and some trendy patterned socks that add just enough spunk to the outfit. Of course, finished with the fedora, this look screams simple yet sophisticated, all layered up for the cold weather ahead.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My go-to outfit for the winter is a collared shirt with a sweater over top it, and of course either a hat over the ears or a top hat to finish the look. I like to stay classic in this ever-evolving world.”