April 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

During the middle of your stroll to campus on a very gloomy day, it is refreshing to see a person whose outfit can brighten up your day. Whether it was with his killer fuchsia sneakers, (which I happened to be wearing in gray, while wishing we could swap our pairs), or with his vintage looking cat button-down, this Fashionisto knew how to beat the Mondays blues.

The outfit as a whole looks so effortless yet impeccably put together. It is as simple as gray jeans and a puffy jacket as a base. The possibilities are endless when you divide your ensemble between neutrals and bold colors. It is all about balance. I’m obsessed with gray as a base color. Some people choose black as their go-to color. However, gray is neutral enough to go with every color and print and not as dark and overpowering as black.

Now let’s talk about the item that separates this Fashionisto from everybody else. His fashionably funny button-down shirt. You see, it is the print that makes the man. Could he have chosen a floral print shirt? A striped plain button-down shirt, perhaps? Indeed. Yet, the playful print paid off. Who does not love a man with a neon cat shirt? I know I certainly do (just as much as his fuchsia sneakers).

Essentially, a neutral base is the starting point of any outfit. However, I’m starting to think that if we put together two bold items together, and just fill out the rest of the ensemble with monochromatic or neutral pieces, we can push our fashion boundaries a little bit further.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sobriety is not on-trend anymore. Having fun with fashion is.”