Fall is officially here, and it’s time to bring out our favorite denim! We’ve all had our ripped jean phase where we shop for trendy denim pants with just the right amount of rips. In recent years, long and loose fitting denim has become popular and is mentioned in almost all fashion guides.

The sun is still shining and the autumn days are just gorgeous on campus. It is a bit too soon to pull out the winter sweat pants; however, denim is totally acceptable all year round. When thinking of the ripped jean trend, almost all Fashionistas can relate to having their favorite pair of jeans.

I found this Fashionista walking through campus on a bright sunny day. She is wearing a light olive green tank top, boat shoes and her trendy black framed glasses. Her casual look is completed with her ripped light blue denim pants. This Fashionista told me that she was spending the entire day on campus studying in between class at the campus library. I was happy to have the opportunity to photograph her as she is a very busy student that works extremely hard for her high grades.

Ripped denim pants are the perfect foundation of a cute and fashionable look for a long day on campus. During the fall season, the temperatures tend to drop in the late evenings and it is important to dress accordingly. Luckily, this Fashionista is prepared for the warm sunny afternoons with a fresh and casual look. Her fall denim is a key element of her look. Everyone should have a pair of ripped jeans in their closet!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus is to stay comfortable. When I have a long day planned, I like to dress to impress because I never know what the day has in store for me. I love denim pants in the fall.”