STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashionable Frames

With fall well underway and winter right around the corner, we have all been kicking our fall fashion into high gear and embracing this season’s latest trends. One trend that has come and gone throughout the years is the use of eyeglasses as an accessory. In years before, glasses were seen as “nerdy” or simply uncool in the fashion world, so many turned to contacts to avoid the backlash. However, 2015 has shown a rather strong affinity for eyewear. Nowadays, you can spot tons of guys and girls rocking a unique pair of frames, prescription or faux, as a way to amp up their street style.

This Fashionisto donned a pair of 1980s-esque eyeglasses to accessorize his look. The thin wire frames perfectly accentuate his facial structure without being too bulky and overpowering his face. The vintage ’80s vibe the glasses give off turn his look from plain Jane to like, totally tubular, dude. He completes his look with a brown utility coat, a button-down shirt with a pop of color, a bold-face watch, dark-wash jeans and high-top sneakers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Your glasses have the ability to influence the way people look at your face. Sharp corners bring attention to the hard edges on your face, or lack thereof. My glasses are rounder and softer in shape, which complements the shape of my face much more than a more rectangular pair. I definitely recommend trying on tons of different styles of glasses before deciding on the pair that you feel best suits your facial structure.”