What can I say about plaid shirts… Basically, they are a must! This is a fashion trend that will never get old. We have seen it for many years now, but, when worn with a good combination of other items, they could still rock your outfit!

What I most like about these “farmers’ shirts” is the fact that you can perfectly fit them into all seasons. There is such a huge combination of color and texture possibilities that I never get tired of them. For example, if we are planning to go to a music festival on a hot summer day, we can choose a slightly cropped one. That could make a perfect outfit if combined with some vintage shorts, a fedora hat and a pair of ankle boots.

At the same time, we could use this same kind of shirt for a totally different outfit. This is the case of our Fashionista. This is one of those basic looks that I love because although keeping them simple, they still look fashionable. In this case, what’s most outstanding from the look is her red plaid shirt for sure. It’s a classic one, but at the same time one of the most popular ones when talking about the plaid trend. I love how the red stands out from all of the other colors she is wearing and simply makes this a trendier look.

This outfit is the perfect example of the winter version of the plaid shirt. We could use this for an everyday outfit by simply adding a white or grey print T-shirt (our Fashionista has chosen one from her favorite rock band) and a printed beanie that will make all the difference.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you still don’t have a plaid shirt in your wardrobe, you should go out and get it because it’s a must! No matter the color, shape or weather, it will always improve your outfit.”