Here in Georgia, fall has an identity crisis when it’s time to bring in the cool air and let the leaves turn. It leaves everyone confused about what to wear during this supposedly mild-weathered season, because it still feels like summertime outside. Walking around, you’ll see Fashionistas/os in anything from shorts and sandals, to sweaters and boots.

This confusion about what to wear is what my friends and I like to call the “transitional season.” It’s the time of year where our wardrobes are as confused as the weather is about what season it is.

This Fashionista is taking on the fall transitional season with stride. Wearing shorts in the fall is not a fashion faux pas, but rather a trend that’s becoming more popular as the years progress. She pairs her festively fall shorts with a layered look. The chambray shirt over the thermal Henley and the bralette underneath are key to giving this look dimension and texture, which makes it more fashionable, as well as seasonably appropriate. The gladiator sandals, which were a major summer trend, still look fabulous in the fall and are super practical when it’s still pretty hot outside.

Even as the weather gets colder this season, adding a leather jacket on top with thigh-high boots will bring this look out of the transitional season and into to the full-on fall.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mixing and matching different pieces, whether it’s summer or fall items, is how I keep my style unique and give it my own touch. If it’s hot outside, wearing a sweater isn’t practical even if it is fall, so wear what feels right!”