STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling into Winter Fashion

November 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

Knee deep into fall and winter is already underway. While there is no telling when the first snowflakes will hit the ground in Michigan, one thing is for sure: fall fashion is here and it is not going down without a fight. Layers are a must and there is absolutely nothing better than a bulky sweater and leather ankle boots. With a cool breeze in the air and leaves of every color collecting on the ground, our Fashionista has found the perfect outfit to balance the shift from fall to winter.

Pairing a chunky red cardigan with a pair of brown leather boots and a hobo bag, this Fashionista’s ensemble captures the colors of fall while allowing her to be warm and fashionable. By tucking in the white long sleeve shirt used as a neutral base underneath the cardigan into the dark washed blue jeans, the curves of our Fashionista’s waistline are revealed, accentuating her delicate figure. Her cardigan drops below her waistline, yet does not manage to hide any of the outfit’s sleek design. The overhang in fact creates a whole new effect as it blows behind her when walking. It looks even better against the blue of her jeans.

Matching her shoes to her purse ties everything together, keeping the warm colors she chose to wear in the same family. The rugged look of her boots combined with the gold buckles are classic, making them an easy accessory to pair with any other outfit. The slight heel dresses the outfit up, though she keeps all her other accessories pretty casual. Her look is simple, yet perfect for the weather this season. As for jewelry, our Fashionista chose a combination of silver and gold rings that mesh well with the mix of reds within her cardigan. Her brown leather Fossil watch ties in nicely with the brown in her shoes and purse, as it continues the neutral tones set forth by the rest of her outfit. Her sunglasses are a nice touch too as classic aviators have been in style for some time now.

As winter begins to make its way into Michigan, there is no telling what weather it will bring. But before the fall leaves are covered with pearly white snowflakes, there is still plenty of time to show off limitless fall fashion trends. Color matching and accessories can go a long way so it is time to start styling before it is too late.