STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling Into Summer with Suede

Various styles that were popular in previous decades always seem to be reinvented, only in new stylish ways. Chokers worn by the ‘90s grunge-loving girl have made a comeback. In this decade however, they are now made with velvet, plastic, ribbon and other materials that make this look modern and trendy. Bell bottom jeans which were worn by almost every person in the ’70s are back with an even better fit. Suede was also prevalent throughout this decade. Whether it was suede pants, a suede dress or suede shoes. Now, the suede skirt has become increasingly popular. Not only for the fall time, but for summer too.

This Fashionista took her chestnut suede button-down skirt, what most would consider a fall clothing item, and gave it a summer twist by switching out a long sleeve shirt with a three-quarter sleeve white crop top. She paired it with a pair of gold and chestnut sandals, in place of riding boots. This look can be worn throughout the warm summer days and even through the night. If you are going to dinner or around town on a cool summer night, pair the outfit with a denim jacket and make a quick shoe change by wearing open toe heels.

This stylish Fashionista shows some skin without going overboard and keeps it very classy. This outfit embodies confidence and femininity for any girl looking to show a little extra skin this summer. I love suede skirts because they appeal to all different types of styles, whether you are more on the preppy side or your style has a bohemian vibe to it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love how suede clothing, shoes and accessories have proven to be staple items this summer. My suede skirt was a wise investment because not only can it be worn in the coolness of the fall, but also in the warmth of the summer!”