STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling for Basics

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling for Basics

I’m not here to hate on summer. It’s a wonderful season that allows you to spend time in the sun, get a tan at the pool and spend extra time with friends and family. After a long winter I greet summer with open arms. However, when the temperature rises to the point where all I can bear to wear is a bathing suit I’m ready to move on. Fall is not only the best season because of the perfect temperatures and amazing holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, but fall hands down has the best fashion of any season. Why do you think the September issue of Vogue is 800 pages long? Because there are so many amazing fall fashion trends to talk about.

This fall I am all about taking it back to the basics while still adding a fun twist to my outfits. That is exactly what this Fashionisto did. If you do not own black denim, I highly recommend putting that at the top of your fall fashion wish list. They’re the perfect basic to build an outfit around and are a timeless item that you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come. This Fashionisto has paired his jeans with a basic gray T-shirt and layered it with a light wash denim button-down shirt. The best part about this outfit is its versatility. You could swap out the gray T-shirt for a more vibrant color or the denim button-up for a plaid T-shirt. When you stick to the basics it’s easy to swap in statement items. For shoes, this Fashionisto kept it classic but still managed to add a pop of color. Finally, he pulled it all together with a watch that is both stylish and functional.

So, this fall stick to the basics. You can add pops of color, fun accessories or just keep it simple. Basics can be dressed up or down and will remain a staple in your closet for many seasons to come. Invest in some solid T-shirts and a good pair of jeans, and thank me later.

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