STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Falling For All Things Oversize

Whew! Fall is FINALLY here, and this Fashionista couldn’t be more ready. Effortless and sleek, this outfit is perfect for the colder mornings and warmer afternoons that stick around as we transition into fall. The nice thing about this outfit? You probably already own every item. Functional is fabulous, my friends.

A basic pair of black leggings is a necessity for every girl’s closet during boot season, and just life in general ( Insider tip: buy athletic leggings, they stretch more and they’re way less likely to be see through. A worthy investment!). This Fashionista paired her favorite leggings with buckled brown bomber boots that immediately catch your eye.

Classic gray tank tops are always great for layering, and they don’t fail us here. Maybe you’re feeling a little more colorful that day, you can always throw on a forest green tank top! There’s just that little something about a green and brown color combination in your wardrobe during the fall. The clear staple of this outfit is the tribal oversized sweater. Comfy, necessary and casual. This sweater will keep you warm when you need it, and it gives your look that little pop with the bold pattern.

Accessorize to your heart’s content. I adore how this Fashionista kept it simple! A rose gold state spirit necklace is an absolutely great way to show your love for your home state, and in this case, it’s dainty and not overpowering the outfit. A cute pop of color comes from this pink brass ring, and simple midi ring, topping off the look like whip cream on your hot chocolate.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Wear what you love! Your style should be what makes you the most comfortable, I love to buy a few great staples like this sweater and build my wardrobe around it.”