November 30th, 2016 at 2:10am

In my opinion, the best way to tackle a fall wardrobe is with simple, versatile pieces. Why do I think this? I don’t know about you, but in my experience fall is a reality season for us college students, where we realize our funds are running low and we cannot run out and buy all the latest “it” pieces of the season. When you can’t afford a new wardrobe each season, it is important to look at the simple pieces—like dark denim or the perfect white T-shirt—you have that can transition from season to season. Not only does this strategy allow you to fall back in love with some of your favorite outfit staples but it also creates the opportunity to splurge on one or two seasonal pieces.

What I have found is that it is best to narrow down a season’s trends and pick which ones you feel fit your personal style best. Whether that is a new handbag, a pair of boots or a style of jeans, decide what you cannot live without. In the end, you will feel much better about your purchase if you do this. Another thing I like to think about when picking out my seasonal investment piece is whether or not it will be able to transition to another season. If you can find a sweater that you love in a style that fits the fall fashion trends and a color that easily transitions into winter, then you have just won the college wardrobe jackpot.

This Fashionista’s look includes some simple staple pieces with a touch of investment pieces. You can easily recreate her look at home by pairing some medium wash distressed jeans with a white T-shirt. Next she added olive button-up shirt for layering combined with a chevron olive and gray scarf. These cool tone colors are perfect for a late fall day, and the gray is the perfect transition color. Lastly, she added her fall statement pieces of a gray floppy hat and a gray Michael Kors handbag. I love that she decided on gray for her investment pieces because, although it is super popular for fall, it will easily transition into winter, allowing for the most use of her budget.

So, my style advice of the week is to try and maintain that balance between staple pieces you already own while not being afraid of an investment piece or two. Who knows—you might find something in your closet that you used to love, and with a new trendy item or two, you can transform it into something completely different!