Well guys, I hate to say it but summer is officially over. Don’t worry though! You’re finally reunited with your college besties and there is so much to look forward to during the next few months! Although fall has approached us here in New Jersey, we still have the warm sun shining on us with brisker nights. I’m sad to see the summer go but, in my opinion, fall is the peak of fashion.

The fall months make me think of many things: tall boots, warm cups of tea, apple cider, pumpkin flavoring, bonfires and cozy flannel shirts. Flannel was first introduced and worn centuries ago by male lumberjacks and farmers. Since then, flannel has evolved from protective clothing for these male workers to becoming a major staple in the fashion world. That’s right, who says you have to be a lumberjack in order to wear flannel? Flannel entered the fashion world during the ‘90s and hasn’t left since. Flannel is a classic staple that can definitely enhance an outfit and is now a fabric that can be worn by any sex during any time of the year.

This Fashionista is wearing a flannel shirt to kick off fall. She paired her flannel with a pair of black skinny jeans, a black crop top and a long necklace. Her look is effortlessly casual, yet she looks chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Flannels are a great accessory to wear during any time of the year, especially during the fall weather. During the beginning fall months when it’s still warm outside, flannels can be worn around the waist as an accessory and can be worn at night for a cute look.”