September 14th, 2016 at 2:06am

Nothing excites me more than seeing the rich colors and cozy styles of autumn! Now that the weather here in Washington is slowly resuming to its natural state of gray skies and chilly temperatures. Those deep hues of fall are becoming more and more noticeable. Everyone is also beginning to transition into staple fall items such as sweaters, jeans and boots!

With summer coming to a close it’s time to start looking for your favorite knit sweater that’s probably buried deep beneath your closet and start breaking in those ankle boots! Especially if you live here in the Pacific Northwest, it won’t take long until you’ll also be needing gloves and thick coats. However, since we haven’t reached freezing temperatures nor are we under the scorching heat of the sun, finding the perfect light sweater and comfortable footwear are crucial to have this time of the year!

This week I spotted this Fashionista rocking the perfect back-to-school/fall-ready outfit with her cropped ribbed knit sweater, cuffed jeans and ankle boots. Since fall just started, too many layers can be a bit much so finding the right type of fabric that will keep you comfortable for the weather is important! You want to be in something cozy but also something you can roll your sleeves up in when it gets a little warm. Cuffed jeans are also a classic. Paired with ankle boots like this Fashionista did makes a great combo! Lastly, you can’t forget accessories so this Fashionista finished her look with a statement faux cross-body bag.

This Fashionista advises, “Transition pieces can be tricky sometimes. The key to it is really just keeping up with what’s trending but most of all, choosing something you feel the most comfortable in.”